Warm Trees 2019 Wrap

The colourful scarves that brightened up the forests at the National Arboretum Canberra for Warm Trees this past July are being repurposed for several charities.

Scarves have been donated to the Smith Family for people to enjoy.  It is a real thrill for our volunteer knitters to see one of their scarves being worn around town!

Scarves have also been donated to the RSPCA as Comfort Blankets for the animals.  Each scarf will go with the animal - when it is adopted - to their new home.  Jack the Cat is enjoying his new 'blanket'.  The Friends are pleased to support the wonderful work of the RSPCA.

Work by our volunteers continues to join scarves into larger blankets.  These blankets will be donated to the Wrapped-With-Love charity which sends rugs to disaster and emergency areas in Australian and around the world.