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In 2013 we monitored a number of sites at the Arboretum on a weekly basis throughout spring.
Thanks to our regular site visits, we recorded the sounds of the Spotted Burrowing Frog (Neobatrachus sudellii), which is not often heard in the ACT.

This species was detected in mid-September 2013, after heavy rain falls at two of the Arboretum sites. 

A summary of the results are now available on the Frogwatch website:
Click through: Frogwatch/census, then scroll down to any of four sites (NAD011, NAD034, NAD036 or NAS100); click on the site and the observations will open.

Tree Mapping and Counting Project

Himalayan Cedars  

The new forest plantings at the Arboretum have maps showing the locations of each tree. These maps are a critical component of the sampling program used to measure the growth of trees. The 'old' forests of the Arboretum do not have any extant maps and this makes developing the statistical tree sampling scheme difficult. Also, these forests cannot be mapped using aerial photography because their canopies are not regular enough in shape to allow the position of the trunks to be recorded. To remedy this shortcoming of the 'old' forests, new maps are being prepared.

The work involved walking each forest row, recording the position of each:

  • * living tree and how many trunks the tree had to about iiii2 m above ground level;
  • * dead tree;
  • * gap in the grid where a tree could have been in the iiiipast; and
  • * significant footpath and vehicular track.

See the May 2014 Newsletter article, pages 6-8

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