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Our thanks again to the Friends of ACT Trees (FACTT) and especially to Steve Thomas who wrote these fascinating insights into trees, most of which are growing in the Arboretum. See below for the index to these articles, which feature: #1 - Casuarinas #2 - Casuarinas - more #3 - Casuarinas - local #4 - Allocasuarinas #5 - Cypress pines #6 - Exocarpos #7 - Root-soil interactions #8 - Araucarias #9 - Nothofagus (beech) #10 - Taxonomists #11 - Podocarpus Thanks again, Steve!


Letter from the Chief Minister

We get letters ... We received today a letter from the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA. Although it is addressed to the Chair of the Friends, we are asked to make it available to all Friends. For your perusal!


Black Mountain - a new publication

Black Mountain: a natural history of a Canberra icon, written by Ian Fraser and Rosemary Purdie with Friends of Black Mountain is a new publication to celebrate 50 years since Black Mountain became a conservation reserve. Pre-order now and get $10 off the Recommended Retail Price!


Scott Saddler AM

Friends congratulate Scott Saddler AM, Senior Director, National Arboretum Canberra, for his award of Member of the Order of Australia, specifically for significant service to public administration, and as a supporter and mentor of Indigenous youth. A very well deserved honour!


4000 new trees to be planted - 23 April 2020, Canberra Times

According to The Canberra Times, 4000 new trees are to be planted in Canberra's suburbs as part of the corona virus stimulus plan. You can read the article below. The number of trees planted as part of the government's Autumn tree planting program has more than doubled this year as part of the stimulus, rising from 1500 planted last year to 4000. The trees will be planted across 87 suburbs in Canberra that have been suggested by community members in consultations held last year. The Arboretum is probably not included in these tree plantings, but any additional tree plantings are welcome!


How do trees grow tall with hollow cores?

An interesting article from The Conversation about trees. Imagine a world without trees, and then try to think about the changes that would need to happen for these trees to evolve from the small primitive plants that came before them.


Interesting article on Owls!

To try and help keep the Arboretum near the forefront of your mind, we'll publish articles from time to time which we hope will bring good news into our lives! The first one is about OWLS!


Visit the Arboretum from your home!

In case you would like a virtual wander around the Arboretum, here is a map of the Arboretum with walking trails. And here is a very snazzy Interactive Forest Map which shows patterns of forest planting and lots of details about the species as well. Hours of fun!


Citizen science article

Read this fascinating article written by Lauren Brown, former Community Engagement Officer at the Arboretum, about Citizen Science which recently appeared in Roots magazine. It's entitled Australian Case Study: National Arboretum partners with Citizen Science Volunteers. Our thanks to BCGI for its publication.


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