Picnic at the Arboretum courtesy of Ginger Catering!

The Arboretufm is the perfect outdoor site to get the family outdoors during the school holidays and beyond. Or catch up with friends! Ginger Catering now offers hampers for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon nibbles! And their Coffee Cart will be open Friday to Sunday from 9am - 2pm. Hooray!


The WeedScan Project - Sept 2021

Attached is a brochure on WeedScan, a project of the CSIRO, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Given that as many as 80% of invasive weeds in Australia are escapees from gardens (since first settlement), the Garden Clubs of Australia (with whom Friends are affiliated) is encouraging all affiliate members to participate. We would encourage as many of you to become involved. Collectively, there is hope that more than 1 million photographs of weeds across Australia will be assembled, which will make identification, mapping and eradication so much easier. See below for the brochure.


Of Interest at STEP - September 2021

Look at the images of beautiful yellow wattles now visible at STEP (see below)! Stunning! After a long wet winter, the wattles are enjoying the conditions. With the warmer weather (mostly) upon us now, take a walk for some exercise around the STEP forest and be surprised and delighted with the bold yellow scenery!


Happy Wattle Day! 1 September

Wattle facts - did you know ... * there are 1350 species worldwide Found in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas as well as Australia * there are 900 species in Australia * over 30 species grow in Canberra and Southern Tablelands * Can extract nitrogen from the atmosphere to be used by the plant. * Leaves of wattles are modified to enable them to survive long periods of heat and drought.


Two beautiful books available!

Beth Moon is a photographer based in New York who has gained international recognition for her large-scale, richly toned platinum prints. Her prints are held in numerous public and private collections and have appeared in more than sixty solo and group exhibitions around the world, receiving widespread critical acclaim.


Friends Market Stall - 21 August - POSTPONED

POSTPONED - WE'LL ADVISE YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN OF THE NEW DATE. Then it will be ... Here's something to brighten your weekend! The Friends' Harvest Group is running another of their famous Market Stalls on Saturday 21 August from 10am - 2pm. Top up your pantry with fig jam and other delectable delights! Again - NO CASH SALES!


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