2017 Friends' Awards

At the AGM the 2017 Awards were announced.

Volunteer of the Year
Sandra Linsley
Sandra has played a leading role in the continuing education for the Guides and has been instrumental in new Guides training.

Please join with all the Friends' in congratulating Sandra on her achievement!

Sterling Service Awards

Larraine Nichols
A regular guide and volunteers in the Discovery Garden and is part of the Harvesting Group.

Helen Hemphill
Volunteers with the Guides as well as developing and narrating the walks in the forests. Also assist with various research in a number of areas at the Arboretum.

Ange McNeilly
Described as the 'backbone' of the Discovery Garden and Harvesting Group. Plans and records all plantings in the Discovery gardens and can be found every Monday with a hose in her hand watering!

Jenny Cantlon
Co-coordinator of Warm Trees held at the Arboretum every Winter. Always around to assist with Kite Making in the holidays and volunteers in the Discovery Garden.

Bonsai Award
Ken Basham
or outstanding service to the Bonsai collection at the Arboretum.