Boundless Volumes exhibition at Parliament House

Kylie Stillman is one of 10 artists in this exhibition whose work is meticulously crafted from everyday materials, transforming them seamlessly through her carvings or hand-stitching.
Kylie is presenting artworks which are comprised of re-purposed transcripts of parliamentary proceedings, which she has hand carved the silhouette of a Banksia Bonsai and a Baeckea Bonsai.  
Kylie is a well established artist whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia and has had major works commissioned both nationally and internationally. 'Nature’ is frequently the subject matter of Kylie’s work.

Exhibition information:
Boundless Volumes, at Parliament House (Presiding Officer’s Exhibition Area, New Parliment House, ACT)
Exhibition dates:  30 November 2017 - 11 February, 2018