Warm Trees 2018

Yes, the time has come to start knitting and crocheting to make extraordinary yarn craft to enliven the National Arboretum Canberra in winter, and then for your donations to be passed onto various charities when our event is over.

We have already established our diplomatic partner for this year, we are pleased to say that the New Zealand High Commission will be participating and are also helping us with some of the costs of running the event.  We thank them very much and have had such excitement setting the New Zealand themes for this year.

Some of you have already confirmed your involvement, from locals to people all over Australia and overseas, including individuals and groups.  We appreciate all this support and know that this year will be the best year yet.  We know we keep saying this each year, but it is true, the event is bigger and better every year.  Please feel free to encourage your friends and relatives to be involved too, the more the merrier!

The three goals this year are:

1.       to make scarves in turquoise and yellow - 25 cms wide and at least 1m long.  But do not feel restricted, you can also combine the colours and use other bright colours.  The scarves will make a very bright display among the forests.  You choose the colours you like and which will add to the fabulous mosaic.

2.       To create the largest-ever, knitted, multi-coloured kiwi bird on the hill opposite the Village Centre just below the Wide Brown Land sculpture.  The bird will be approx. 21 meters high and will be strolling across the land.  Already one knitter has created the legs and another husband and wife team have created the whiskers (who knew kiwi birds had whiskers!).

3.       To make pohutukawa flowers and crochet silver fern leaves to decorate the entry walk into the Village Centre.  There will be special workshops to make the pohutukawa flowers – an easy task which will be great fun to do in groups.   Jenny has some great instructions for us to follow.

Jenny has found some easy to follow instructions for the crocheted fern leaves which are attached – she recommends using two strands of yarn as you crochet to make the leaf bigger – the preferred colour is silver or grey please.

This year’s timeline is:

1 March - Commence knitting and crocheting – some have already started but always we need much more.

5 and 11 May – Pohutukawa flower workshops – a fun time for all

2 June -         Knitters Morning Tea at the Arboretum - more details in newsletter 2.  You can bring your knitting/crochet to the morning tea.

15 June  – All knitting and crocheting can be delivered to the National Arboretum Canberra – it can be left at the Welcome Desk in the Village Centre or sent to WARM TREES, C/- Friends of the National Arboretum Canberra, PO Box 48, Campbell ACT 2612.

21 - 30  June – Installation on the trees and around the Arboretum, to create the world’s largest knitted kiwi bird and decorate the walkway for the Village Centre.

2 July  – Opening of the Installation – final details about the opening in newsletter 3.

2 July – 4 Aug - Installation on display for July

5 - 6 August – Installation removed

August and following – knitting made into rugs etc for donations.

Many thanks indeed to you all for your involvement - we really appreciate all your amazing yarn craft and are glad you appreciate the project too.

Please let us know if you have any questions – Jocelyn on mob: 0407176163 or email: [email protected]