Natasha's Wood pictures

Natasha's Wood is a magical world of picture books for young children.
See previous article about the search for young people to help illustrate the Natasha’s

Wood, Australian, Limited Edition, fun picture book.

Once printed, book proceeds will support kid‐friendly Arboretum forest and environment education programs.

The art work must be based on the following “Natasha’s Wood and Twiglet’s First Birthday” storyline below:

Natasha’s Wood and Twiglet’s First Birthday

On a very sunny day in a secret garden full of wild and wonderful flowers, a small seed pops up from under the ground. This tiny seed uncurls its first leaves and takes the shape of a small twig. Even though she is just a twig, and not very big, her heart is full of hope. Named Twiglet by her kangaroo, fairies, friendly water dragon, unicorns and emu friends – Twiglet pledges to catch children’s wishes.

“I may be small – but one day I’ll grow big - just you wait and see. And I’ll catch children’s wishes in leaves as big as dishes…”

Twiglet will grow up to be a majestic, enchanted tree. Her friends – tiny fairies, baby water dragons, emus, kangaroos and other magical creatures – will gather here in their home – Natasha’s Wood.

Welcome to the enchanted bushland of Natasha’s Wood. (unedited version) Natasha’s Wood ™

All Rights Reserved. Written by Fay Maddison author, creator, Natasha’s Wood brand.

Below we have some of the fabulous creative drawings coming in from young artists:
Charlotte-age-6  Izzy-age-8Jaylin-age5  Jose-age-9
Lucy-age-5  Luke-age-6
Miguel-age-7  Paige-age-4
Paige2-age-4 Elliot-age-5
Jaylin2-age-5 Lena-age-4