Avenues of Honour - photographic exhibition

For the past nine years, Sarah Wood, historical photographer, has been proactively raising the awareness of Australia's unique and historic Avenues of Honour throughout Australia through photographic documentation and gallery exhibitions.

The 'Avenues of Honour' photographic exhibition is a national project aimed at preserving and promoting Australia's Avenues of Honour as we commemorate the centenary of ANZAC, the Gallipoli landings and World War I.  There are believed to be over 300 of these Avenues throughout Australia.

The photographs of Sarah Wood are a manifestation of her heartfelt connection with nature, the Australian landscape and her philanthropic commitment to community based projects of historical and social content. Over the last eight years Sarah has been proactively working to raise awareness of Australia’s unique and historic Avenues of Honour all around Australia, through photographic documentation and gallery exhibitions.

The exhibition links trees and memories; most importantly. it shows how this concept of an avenue of trees, which started in Australia, spread around the world, using trees to commemorate loss.

Join us for the opening of this exhibition by Dr Brendan Nelson at 10.00am on Friday 27 April, at the Village Centre.

The photographs are on display in the Village Centre daily between 9am - 4pm from Saturday 21 April - Sunday 27 May 2018.