Publication - Woods Wiki – stories of trees in Australia and related topics

The community group Friends of ACT Trees Inc. (FACTT) has recently published Woods Wiki – stories of trees in Australia and related topics; ISBN 978-0-6483674-0-6, viii, 104 p., colour ill.

The book is intended to be a source of information on trees, forests and allied industry, with an emphasis on the Canberra region. It complements earlier publications by FACTT, especially Westbourne Woods. The 60 topics are wide-ranging, and include accounts of outstanding research on biological control of pests and on building board, examples of both small-scale and large-scale domestication of trees, and on improving and sustaining forest production. It introduces readers to more detailed accounts of these topics via suggestions for further reading.

One motivation for gathering these contributions from leading foresters and other scientists has been the great decline in public-agency support for work on trees and forests, and the consequent loss of knowledge and expertise, not only in Australia but in other countries.

The book is currently carried by the Botanical Bookshop at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, and will be available shortly from the Curatoreum at the National Arboretum.