Friends End-of-Year Christmas Party - 11 December 2018

It's time to wind down with some good cheer at the Friends End-of-Year party!

Date:  Tuesday 11 December 2018
Time:  5.30pm
Venue:  Terrace Room

Parking:  either in the dirt car park (on the other side of the road from the paved car park) or over at the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion.  Please contact the Arboretum (or Friends) if you have any specific parking needs.

Bring:  Good cheer! And $ for (more) Raffle Tickets and 2019 Arboretum Calendars!

It's going to be a fun evening with the presentation of the Jake Keller Scholarship Award to a CIT final-year Horticultural Studies student - and hopefully a couple of past winners will be there too!

Then we'll draw the Friends Raffle - that's always fun - seeing people's faces light up as they recognise they have won something lovely!  Come and see if it's you!