Warm Trees 2019 - Newsletter No 2

2019 04 - tulip scarves pic
Look at the photo of four scarves - a tulip garden in the making!  It's a combination of knitting for the stalks and the background and applique felt for the tulips.  People will get a surprise to see tulips on the trunks of trees (thanks to Anna for the idea about applique for the flowers).  I know there is no such thing as a blue tulips but the colour looks effective on the orange background - what do you think?  I like all the other colours too.  Send me photos of your scarves if you would like them to be included in a newsletter.

So while we have all been working on scarves and tulips, I have also been talking with people who have interest in bicycles.  

I'm pleased to say that Pedal Power, the children of the Dutch School, Friends members and volunteers have also started decorating old bike wheels with colourful yarn.  Yarn in the form of cloth strips is fine to use and quicker to complete than single strand acrylic yarn - but whatever pleases you.

The wheels will be placed on the gabion walls (rocks in wire baskets) around the site so there is plenty of space for the wheels. The Arboretum will store the wheels until we are ready to use them - let me know when you would like to deliver your wheels and I can arrange for the storage shed to be unlocked.

The Dutch School will run some Dutch-themed workshops during WARM TREES and Pedal Power will run some rides and bike-maintenance-for-children workshops too.  Details about times etc in the next newsletter.

Our Tulip Workshops are coming up on 4 May and on 11 May between 10.00am and 12.00noon in the Terrace Room - please let me know if you are attending.

And don't forget the Knitters morning tea on 15 June between 10.00 and 12.00noon in the Terrace Room, where we can admire each other's work.  Again, please let me know if you are attending.

Keep up the fine work and look forward to seeing you in May, June and of course, July.

Kind regards