Great Opportunity: Organisers for WarmTrees 2020


The Friends has a very successful event each year called WARM TREES. This is based around hand crafts and is an important way to involve so many people in the Arboretum, even if they are not tree savvy.  The effort of hundreds of volunteers certainly achieved the three main goals:  Involvement of a wide variety of people with the Arboretum; a great installation for visitors in July; and with the added benefit of marketing our wonderful Arboretum and establishing good rapport with a diplomatic partner each year, and after the installation is collected and cleaned, donations to a number of charities.  And this year, Floriade requested elements of the installation to be displayed by them too!  A wonderful accolade to so many volunteers.

For the last seven years the event has been organised by Jocelyn Plovits (Convenor) and Jenny Cantlon (Assistant Convenor).  They are both standing down from these roles.  Our heartfelt thanks to them both for all their work and to the hundreds of volunteers who assisted them in so many ways.  

After so many years most of the tasks have been discovered and recorded and so for someone, or a group, there is a very handy menu of how to do the event.  And of course new people can bring new ways of doing things too.

It is not an overwhelming task, just a steady amount of organising for 6 months - March to Sept.  And of course, given the Arboretum's enthusiasm for the event, there is help from staff too.

If you would like to be involved as an organiser, or part of an organising team, please contact Jocelyn on [email protected] by 30 August 2019.   We will have a very interesting meeting and start the "ball rolling" for next year.