Market Stall - 23 November - UPDATE

What a great outcome for our Christmas Market Stall held last Saturday!  Thank you to everyone who helped - there were so many - and what a fun day!
At 10am we had a crowd and then steady flow of people buying until lunchtime, then a bit of a quiet time over lunch, and then steady again until we started packing up about 1.45pm.  The new Harvest Stall booklet sold well and there are just a handful of copies left.
Colette went on ABC radio on Saturday morning and was interviewed by Jamie Travers who promised to drop in … and he did.  And he even bought some jam and had a guided tour of the garden by Ange.  How lovely is that!
We also had a photographer from Out in Canberra for a couple of hours taking photos of the stall and our customers. 

And financially it was a great outcomes too - Friends made over $2,000 from the day's produce. 

Thank you again to the many Friends who volunteered their time for this highly-successful Market Stall!