Interesting articles from FACTT #4

Continuing our series, thanks to Steve Thomas from Friends of ACT Trees, this article concludes the notes on Casuarinas.  It is about the genus Allocasuarina. 

The article covers a small number of species which have some interesting characteristics: 
  • Allocasuarina torulosa - the tallest species
  • Allocasuarina decainsneana - the Desert oak, named after a Belgian botaist who never visited Australia!
  • Allocasuarina luehmannii - the hardest commercial wood in the world, as measured by the Janka hardness test.
  • Allocasuarina littoralis - named from material collected by Banks and Solander at Botany Bay, hence the name.
  • Allocasuarina verticillata - planted in the Arboretum at Forest 100 (Friends' Forest) to provide food for the glossy black cockatoos. 
  • Allocasuarina inophloia - has a hairy bark.
  • Allocasuarina grevilleoides - the smallest specia growing to only 0.3m in WA.

Steve has also put together a spreadsheet of all the species in the flora of Australia which shows the species, common name, maximum recorded height and geographical location.  What a wonderful resource!