Friends Photography Group - NEW

Friends are seeking someone to attend a meeting with a view to creating such a Photographic group, as well as giving a new activity to Friends.

We visualise this would offer:
  • An opportunity for photographic expression of artistic and scientific features of the arboretum;
  • Development of a photographic archive (would involve working with Friends and Arboretum IT people to develop a suitable database)
  • A draft concept of how things would be organised to start with (responsibilities, opportunities, methods of operation, organisation, record-keeping etc)
  • A need for an inaugural group leader/coordinator, secretary, IT operative;
  • Links to the FNAC and the Arboretum with respect to uses of photographs (copyright, archiving etc);
  • Short presentations from time to time (eg at General Meetings) of photographic potential: scenic views, macro views of plants, animals and minerals, historical recording.
If you are interesting, particularly in starting up this Photograph group, please contact me at [email protected]