History of the Arboretum Project

It is proposed that the history since commencement in 2003 be compiled through interviews with the players in government and the private sector who were involved in the early planning and decision-making that led to the opening of the Arboretum in February 2013. Added to this would be those who have subsequently developed the site since its opening.

To complement the oral history, we expect to examine the media accounts of the Arboretum project. This will help provide a portrayal of the local community engagement and involvement.

The Friends are seeking expressions of interest from those amongst our membership who have the skills and time to carry out the required interviews and research – perhaps a retired journalist or historian.  This would not need to be one person – perhaps a small team.  Equally, members may know of others who would meet the broad criteria for such a project who would be interested in helping the Friends.

There may also be roles in a project team for transcription of the interviews and the coordination of the accumulated material into a product that could be made available as a ‘gift’ to the Arboretum and the Canberra community.

The Friends’ executive and committee, the Council, would oversee the project.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss being involved in such a unique opportunity:  [email protected]