2021 Australian Plants as Bonsai Exhibition

The art of miniature trees in pots or trays started in China around 1200 years ago (penjing) and was take up in Japan around 900 years ago (bonsai).  A bonsai or penjing tells a story of place, culture, and life’s journey. The story comes from the artist, then is left for the viewer to contemplate.

Australian trees as bonsai or penjing tell the story of an oriental tradition, interpreted in an Australian context.

The exhibition will be a display of over 30 bonsai, penjing, suiseki (viewing stones) and related items created by Canberra Bonsai Society members. These will include both examples of traditional forms and display compositions, and some that explore how the oriental traditions can be interpreted in Australian in 2021. This might be through tree design, container materials and design or display composition including stands and other items included in the display.

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