Trees of the Arboretum course - U3A


The course is designed by Jan Morgan, one of our Arboretum guides. Several other guides help deliver the course, but you don’t have to be a guide to really enjoy it!

Details for 2021 are:

Part 1: with Denis Warne at Flynn Community Hub

- starting Tuesday morning 9 February and finishing 30 March

Part 2: with Jan Morgan at Hughes Baptist Church
- starting Wednesday morning 24 March and finishing 28 April

Part 3: with Joanne Maples at Flynn Community Hub
- starting Tuesday morning 4 May and finishing 8 June

Part 4: with Robin Cayzer at Flynn Community Hub
- starting Tuesday morning 10 August and finishing 14 September.

To join in, first, make sure you are a U3A member (see, then second, contact Joanne Maples to enrol at [email protected].

PS  The image is of Chilean myrtle (Luma apiculata) flowers on a tree in Forest 45