Friends sponsor Forest Gazebo

At a special, discounted price of $98,000, the Friends' Gazebo will consume considerable funds over the next two years.  We have income from our Memberships, Calendars and The Arboretum Book, but there will need to be additional fund-raising, and this is where we will need your support. 

We are privileged to have in our Friends' midst a group of dedicated people who harvest produce from various Arboretum forests.  With above-average rains this summer, there is a bumper autumn harvest!  Sales from our Harvest Stalls will go a long way towards fulfilling our payments.

But Friends will need further ideas and events.  It is for this reason we are planning other fund-raising opportunities.  Please support the Friends in our future activities - by ensuring your membership is up-to-date and by coming along to our Harvest Stalls, General Meetings and fund-raising events.