2021 Jake Keller Scholarship Award (for 2022)

2021 12 - Tom&Tracey&Trish&Scott
In her application, Tracey said:   

"The depth of understanding and practical hands-on experience I have gained through my CIT subjects has been invaluable. It has broadened and strengthened my horticultural knowledge in a wonderfully supportive way.

"I believe further study at CIT will help take my passion for gardening and the environment to a level where I can really make a difference for our local community and environment whilst establishing a career for myself doing what I love."

Tracey recognises that one of the largest hurdles in transitioning from gardening enthusiast to professional Horticulturalist is having the opportunity to learn and then apply your skills and knowledge in an industry-recognised setting. So an internship with the Arboretum is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from some of the most respected horticulturists, concurrently with working in an amazing facility with such a rare and unique collection of trees.

The project Tracey is most proud of is her own garden, for the sense of community and inspiration it provides to people. She lives on a busy suburban street like any other, but the reaction from the community as she has transformed nature, from an overgrown neglected mess to a colourful productive patch, has been overwhelming.  Her garden has become a focal point for many people passing, she received numerous thank you cards, requests for tours, and people requesting photographs!  She has created a little patch of happiness.

Congratulations Tracey!