A Wollemi of your own - update


Each Wollemi Pine Tree package will include:

  • a Wollemi between 50-80cm tall in excellent condition;
  • a tag showing the Friends’ licence number issued under Section 273 of the Nature Conservation Act of 2014 and the tree number in the Arboretum’s Wollemi Forest that the seed was taken from;
  • a Certificate of Authenticity;
  • a brochure describing the Wollemi Propagation Project and giving care instructions for growing your Wollemi;
  • a QR code enabling you to enter the tree number and identify the exact tree in the Wollemi forest;
  • a bag of Wollemi seed bracts that can be used as mulch.
The Wollemi Propagation Project is about preservation of this species.  Funds raised support future approved Arboretum projects.

Further information can be found here.

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