World Bonsai Masters in Canberra - 30 Aug-1 Sept 2019

The National Arboretum Canberra is very pleased to announce World Bonsai Masters will be held from FRIDAY 30 AUGUST to SUNDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 2019. Kunio Kobayashi and Ryan Neil are considered to be two of the best Bonsai artists in the world and are holding masterclasses and demonstrations, as well as participating in a discussion forum and critique. BEST OF ALL - Friends are entitled to a 10% discount (except Masterclasses). See below for more information.


Of Interest at STEP - July 2019

In spite of the fact that we are a month into winter there a number of plants flowering at STEP. Some are at the end of their flowering time like Coronidium, Calotis and Microseris while others such as Hardenbergia and Grevillea are just starting. Leucochrysum and Crowea just flower for a really long time. Come on down and take a look!


Funding Proposal Guidelines

Council has approved these Guidelines for Friends' Activities Approval Process. Should you have a great idea for a funding project/proposal to be spear-headed by the Friends, this document will help you through the process!


Three Zigzag Gardens launched!

The first three Zigzag Gardens in the Central Valley of the Arboretum were launched on 28 March, having been planted last December. They are a stunning example of how wonderful this Valley will look when all the Zigzag Gardens are complete.


Warm up for Warm Trees 2019!

The weather is starting to get cooler and it will soon be time for daylight saving to end so more time to knit and crochet in the evenings. In July we will make the National Arboretum even more spectacular than it already is and our efforts also go towards helping charities once the display is over. Our diplomatic partner for 2019 is the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Our themes for this year will be colourful tulips and amazing bicycles. And the theme colour for the scarves will be orange (which is the royal colour for the Netherlands).


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