Of Interest at STEP - June 2021

Welcome to the June edition of STEP's publication - Of Interest at Forest 20. It is pleasing to see we the insect life with butterflies and hover flies still around. Another surprise has been the early flowering of Hardenbergia violacea, False Sarsaparilla, in one location. You can read it here. Then go and visit STEP and see the new signposting!


Warm Trees 2021 - Newletter #3

It's time to install our Creations! The knitted/crocheted/handmade creations are ready for display! Would you like to come and help put them up? Here is a mix of morning and afternoon times, week days and weekends to achieve the installation. I hope one or more of these suits you. Monday 21 June 11.00am Tuesday 22 June 2.00pm Wed 23 June 11.00 am Thursday 24 June 11.00 am Friday 25 June 2.00pm Saturday 26 June 11.00am Sunday 27 June at 2.00pm Please let Jocelyn or me know if you can help on one or more of these days - it will be very helpful indeed. Jocelyn will provide the safety and organisational arrangements when you nominate your day/time on the installation roster. The merlion, orchid panel and butterflies will be installed on the gabion walls leading into the Village Centre. This requires working at heights so staff will be helping us.


Autumn produce at the Arboretum

Showcasing the autumn bounty at the Arboretum. This is a great article from Susan Parsons at the Canberra Times, reproduced with permission. Kitchen Garden: Canberra's magnificent autumn for harvesting fruit. And, yes, our next Market Stall will be held on Saturday 8 May. See below for link.


Friends sponsor Forest Gazebo

At the end of 2020, Friends agreed to sponsor the Arboretum's first Forest Pod Gazebo and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to pay for the structure in four bi-annual installments. The MoU was duly signed at our End-of-Year Friends & NAC party. The Gazebos are a multi-purpose shelter around forest and garden locations throughout the Arboretum environment. The structures are environmentally and aesthetically designed to fit within the landscape. They will provide sun and rain protection, and offer on-site interpretation for visitors, with seating suitable for educational, corporate and tourist groups.


Frogwatch 2021 at the Arboretum

A new year - a new opportunity! Now is the time for you to participate in FrogWatch 2021. There is an opportunity for 3-4 people to join the FrogWatch Group. Training will be offered on site at the times noted below. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the Arboretum in a totally different ‘light’, and to experience some of the hidden diversity on the site!


Warm Trees 2021 - Here We Come!

Hello all creative crafters This is the first newsletter about Warm Trees 21. There will be a total of five newsletters providing more information about the various parts of the plan as the detail of the plan develops. Our plans will always need to include the current COVID safe instructions at the time. Seems so long since we involved together in this project that is enthusiastically supported by the National Arboretum Canberra and you all and the many visitors to the Arboretum. I hope you and yours are well and the complexity of the times has not been too difficult. Given the vaccines are starting to roll out it seems that it is safe to say we will achieve a Warm Trees installation this year. So on this basis, let’s get knitting, crocheting and/or crafting – whatever you choose. I know that after last year it will be very special indeed to be adding colour to the Arboretum for those cooler times. Can't wait!


Trees of the Arboretum course - U3A


This very popular course that will help you to know so much more about our Arboretum trees is open for enrolments to anyone who is a member of U3A. The course is in four parts, each of 6-7 weekly sessions and 2 walks. Each part covers about a quarter of the trees in our forests and is full of interesting stories. You don’t have to do all the parts in a year and you can do them in any order that suits. Part 1 commenced this week (15 Feb) and only a few spots are available. The others all each have a good number already signed up so it is highly likely they will be going ahead.


A great tree story!

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone, is on a mission to plant a million trees over the next two years, increasing vegetation in her city by fifty percent while shoring up eroding riverbanks and increasing biodiversity.


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